"The idea of running for school board came from a promise to my daughter.  A promise our school district tried to break.  As a mother who will be invested in the public education here in our district for the next 12+ years I believe the power needs to be given back to the stakeholders of the district.  I will do all I can to make sure that the statement 'For the Children, By the People' remains true not only throughout my campaign, but additionally thru my time in office as your District 3 representative, should I have the privledge of representing the people."



Bailey had her first personal experience with what is now considered CRT or critical race theory when her oldest daughter was in kindergarten.  Fiona and her best friend came home from school and we're both very quiet and visibly upset. It took asking them a few times what was going on and what was wrong before they told her what happened at school. These young girls were upset because their kindergarten teacher had taught them a lesson for Martin Luther King Jr. day and it was during this lesson that these 5 and 6 year old children learned that not only could they no longer be “twin sisters,” as they will tell anyone who will listen, but they could not have even been friends if they were born 50 years earlier.   When Bailey asked what they were referring to, both girls very shyly and hesitantly explained how ‘J’ would have had to go to the black school because there was no brown school and that Fiona would have been in the white school so they would have never met.  The fact that this was taught to such young children was deeply disturbing to Bailey.  She questioned why these two innocent little girls have to understand the racial injustice our country went through many years ago at their age.  


After all, Bailey had answered the question of "Why is my skin darker, and mine lighter?" months earlier by saying one had a better suntan than the other, and that was an answer both girls understood and it made sense in their young minds. This is why Bailey believes the CRT teaching needs to end immediately and will fight for our children and the stake holders to not have this in the classroom.  CRITICAL THINKING NOT CRITICAL RACE THEORY!


Our school board's primary concern should centered on the development, welfare and safety of our precious assets, our children.  The education of our children in the public school district is paramount to their future.  We must bring back the fact that our board has accountability to each and every stakeholder in the district.  We need to be bringing back not only accountability but also transparency and communication with the stakeholders.  As a board member Bailey will make sure there is an open line of communication with not only the parents of her district but each and every constituent with children, or otherwise.  Bailey understand that this is the only way to effectively represent her district.


We cannot simply erase history as it is a part of each and everyone of us. While certain parts may sadden us others bring us great joy and to try to erase those memories means that we learn nothing from them. Bailey is pro The 1776 Commission and believes that all too often history can repeat itself, especially if it is erased from memory.  We must make sure our children learn the same values and principles that we did growing up. 

"Historically accurate curriculum should be taught with an emphasis on the greatness of America and her struggle throughout history. The Constitution, the bill of rights and the declaration of independence should be focal point of social studies/history."  -Bailey


Standarized grading is not acceptable to Bailey as she has never rewarded medicracy at home.  A student receiving a 60% should not be given the same mark on a report card as a 100%.  This leaves a huge gap in the system when our children move onto Middle school and as parents we are left questioning why they are now barely passing with a "D" grade. Through out elementary we were told they were meeting grade level standards.  We must begin restoring competiveness and American ideology that has made our nation the greatest nation known to man in history.


Fiscal responsibility must be practiced, budgets must be adhered to. Zero base budgeting should be invoked. Last years budget should not dictate the current years budget.  A nearly 4 Billion dollar budget needs much more accountability than currently being seen from our board.


If you know anything about Bailey, then you know she does not believe in any type of medical mandates for herself and especially not her children.  Bailey believes every American citizen has the right to make their own medical decisions and that everyone should be respected for the decision they see best for their family.  There should be no criticism of a parent making the best choice, in their mind, for their OWN child!


To many people are pushing the '"college is the only future" on our kids.  Let's be honest some kids are not cut out to go to college and want to start into a profession right away.  We need to make sure our kids know the benefits of both and can make an informed decision for their future.


Bailey believes the safety of our children should be the top priority for everyone.  We can't have a board fighting for control of our school police officers.  We must, even before the election demand the required amount of officers be present on every campus for the safety of all of our kids,

The parental bill of rights should be adhered to at every level.  In Bailey's opinion, Board members should publicly state and believe that the Parents are the stakeholders of the children, not the government.