For the Children,
By the People.

A mother willing to stand up for ALL children.



Bailey Lashells is deep-rooted in the fabric of the Palm Beach County community being born and raised in the area she will always call home.  Bailey brings the grit & determination necessary to be a leader as shown in her time exceeding in women’s ice hockey within our community.   While growing up with parents in the Plant Nursery Business, Bailey spent a lot of time learning the value of hard work, spending summers outside at the nursery and helping the family business grow.  Evidenced by the upbringing of her own brave daughter Fiona, the second grader who stood up and arguably single handedly brought a reversal of the Palm Beach County’s mask mandate rule to an end.  Fiona and Bailey stood up and fought against the tyrannical dictators who defied Governor Desantis’ with their mandates and returned choice to education.  This is a small example of the change Bailey is wanting to take part in as your District 3 School Board Representative and a proven representation of how Bailey will take a different path when necessary.

As the operator of a small business, Bailey brings a sense of fiscal responsibility to budgeting. She will work tirelessly to do more with less, as would any small business owner.  Her photography business, where she captures and shares joyous and memorable family memories gives her a unique perspective of family, faith and freedom.  Bailey see’s firsthand the best moments that you want remembered and wants to bring our education system back to a place where we are proud of where our children go to school.

A student and proponent of accurate history, she’ll fight to end the teaching of harmful critical race theory and return 1776 commission-based learning to the classroom.  compliant curriculum will help arm our children with the tools needed for success.   She’ll restore critical thinking and stand up to critical race theory.  An ardent defender of the Parent’s Bill of Rights, she is the only candidate with a direct line to the Governor’s office.  She will work in harmony with the parents of our community and bring full visibility, transparency, accountability and most importantly, return choice to our educational system

A defender of “back-pack, portable funding” as well and bringing it back to our educational system.  Bailey believes that competition will enhance our public school system, just as competition does in the private sector.  This in part is why Bailey will work tirelessly to remove the standardized grading system we see in elementary schools today.  As a parent Bailey knows how important the education of our children is and sending home report cards with X’s and O’s that as a parent, she had to research herself she feels this is simply not an acceptable form of measurement when it comes to understanding how our children are progressing overall.  We all want what’s best for our children and Bailey is the choice that will make these things possible.

Bailey’s strong work ethic was evident through the years as was her love for all children when working with youth in sports as a certified Nays Coach and as a room mom and volunteer in her children’s schools.  That same work ethic is shown again in the upbringing of her two daughters.  Both who are now, and will be attending the public school system, making her a true stakeholder in her position as the people’s candidate and her community.   


While anyone who knows Bailey knows she is not a politician and that this campaign will be as grass roots as they come her commitment and dedication to the children and the people is clear.  Bailey is for the Children and by The People.  She will listen to her constituents and fight for the fair and equal education of our children.  Bailey believes that we have all, hoped for the changes we wanted to see.  Bailey invites you to step up and help her be part of the change we need and that we know together we can achieve.  If we don’t support our children and stand for them, while raising them to stand up for themselves then who will?  We must give our children a better future and where else to start but with the education system they attend through their most formidable years.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”                                            – Ronald Reagan

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